Real Model Pilots

fun stuff!!
our recent pilot a bit less muscled and with beard – and an optional head!

rmp stuff 30082016

and some more painted pilots and bits….!male pilot in ti shirt sept 16

a male pilot in t shirt – to sit beside the lady pilto with t shirt……

head 1 august 16

Client portrait for building into pilot body..
rmp stuff aug 16

blimey look at this lot!!!! see what happens when you go away for a break!…


storch ambulance crewjuly 16a
our Feiseler Stroch WW2 ambulance crew plus accessories ready to go the field hospital….
some bits and bobs that we have been working on – anybody want to guess what the objects are???

modern jet pilot july 2016modified light panel july16tardis cosole 28july2016je compo

one of our customers heads on one of our stock pilot bodies!

Julys chaps and chappesses almost ready to fly!thumbnail_IMG_2434 rmp july

********  IMPORTANT MESSAGE  *********

Due to recent events (political and sporting) – we feel the need for a holiday!

RMP will be taking emails only in August but order progression wont be very quick for the month so please bear with us – or let us know if you have an order that just wont wait!!!!

in any event normal service will be resumed in September (not sure about the political or sporting world though…)




storch figure 2 - walking woundedStorch fig 2 – walking wounded….storch crew 1 and 3Fieseler Storch Pilot and injured crew no 3!mosquito lady and gent crewA Lady and Gent Mosquito crew – a portrait commission!

bleriot head position variantsLouis Bleriot  on the lookout for an aircraft!….Image-1

Junes graduates from RMP training school….



new glider pilots painted and installed by Norrie!


2 large (1/3 scale) USAAF WW2 pilots and their smaller cousins plus a civil pilot gent and a diminuituve RAF WW2 pilot – all ready to fly – now where did I put my Aircraft keys?…


a hero of the Afrika Korps flying his wounded buddy back to safety – what a hero!!

b1 compo 05052016another recent client portrait project – looking good! 


Pic of a clients pilot of a well known lady aviator..


thumbnail_FullSizeRender-3thumbnail_FullSizeRender-2pics of another client portrait project..IMG_20160512_205033

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Just toshow we don’t just do Pilots – here are some of our Browning MG barrels set into the nose of one of our customers aircraft!



lifeboat crew 10

prints of lifeboat crew….!

indian train crew

crew figures for a large scale Indian locomotive model – the carriages will be full of passengers!!


USAAF ACES2 Ejector seat – used in F16s ejection seat march 16some Lifeboat crew for a change!

lifeboat crew 14032016


A short movie showing what we have been up to! – click the red text below…

RMP showreel 2015

Our aim is to give you what you want, not just what you need.

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This is a link to one of our customers models – nice model!

Bob Dively Kit built by Michael J. Infurna. 63″ wing span, 77cc evolution 7 cylinder 4 stroke radial glow engine. HD servos, Spectrum 9 channel receiver. Hand painted pilots from

This is a link to Belair Kits – makers of large scale aircraft kits. They have put some pics of our pilots up on their site – why not have a look?

Also – the guys at the Hobby have prepared a review of Robans AH 64d attack helicopter kit which features our pilots – we enjoyed working with them and here is the link to their review-

HobbyClub Roban Ah 64D review