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phot4oReal Model Pilots is a new manufacturer of bespoke and reproduced pilot figures for larger scale flying model aircraft. We use new technology to generate computer based designs of pilots from any period of flight and can produce versions of these designs in a range of scales from 1:12 to 1:4 for full body models – we can make busts and heads up to 1:2 scale.

Our computer generated designs integrate historical reference with the requirements of the hobby of scale flying. The models are made in ABS plastic and the models are made as hollow models – so they are tough and very light. If your project requires a pilot figure to fit a particular model we can assist with that. If you have a desire to have your own features on the face of the model pilot we can assist with that too.If the pilot that we have illustrated has got his hands in the wrong pose we can assist with that too.
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We are a new manufacturer using new technologies to give you just want you want for your model aircraft. We use 3D sculpting programs to create pilots to suit your needs – size, entire model or cut  off, poses, detailing – we can even make the pilot look like you!

Our aim is to give you what you want, not just what you need. Our model would come to you as 3D digital print from our leading technology printers. Your pilot will be made in ABS plastic and could be hollow so that your model is a light as possible hence minimal impact on the C of G. A 1:8 Scale full bodied pilot weigh less than 40 grams.

If you want we can even paint him/her for you (at an additional charge) Scale can be any scale up to 1:4 for full bodied & 1:2 for a head or bust. Our prices range from £5 Plus P&P for a small 1:12 unpainted bust up to approximately £150 for a 1:4 scale pilot unpainted and £200 for a painted to your colour scheme.